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1. the proudest fact I can share about myself is my career. Im a clinical laboratory scientist, currently working as a microbiologist. If you asked me as a kid if i could ever picture myself doing what i do now, id probably admit that i had no idea this job existed. but at this point in my life, im really proud to say that im doing exactly what i want to do, and working in a job that makes me happy =)

2.  i love watches. probably one of my guiltiest pleasure. i kinda like clothing and accessories in general, but watches are one of the few things I’d spend money on.

3.  i love starbucks, not just for their drinks but for the environment.  i have a favorite sbux here back home and whenever im exhausted from work, I head straight there and every now and then, a familiar face greets me over the counter, and it just brightens up my day =)

4. i dont date often, but asking me for coffee is probably the easiest way to get me to go. 

5. i do a lot of things for people i like, but once youve crossed a boundary, things just wont be the same anymore. you wont be the same anymore. i wont be the same anymore. 

6. im sick. will you sing me soft kitty? (and maybe massage vaporub on my chest?)

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was supposed to tag 10, but eff it. lol i just went down my message box and bam. most recent human beings ive made contact with. 

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✴10 Questions Tag✴

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1. What’s your name? JR Caldera.

2. When’s your birthday? July 04.

3. Where are you from? West Covina, CA.

4. Have a crush? meh. i mean… meh. no, not really. 

5. What’s your favorite color? blue.

6. Write something in all caps? I’M SICK (IN WAYS MORE THAN ONE).

7. Got a favorite band/artist? currently Sam Smith (obsessed actually, so if you take me to a concert, you can be my #4).

8. Favorite number? 2.

9. Favorite drink? cocktail? im kinda known to go with vodka tonic. sbux? 1pV, 1pR, 4pCl, br, iced coffee. or a simple iced green tea latte will do, too. 

10. Tag 10: denvyatled, novisinitiis, davidhelladope, thtkidluiz, anti-evolution-eevee, sydney-side, miko31096, sciart360, shikataganai, brandello

kinda just tagged the last 10 people ive made contact with via tumblr. been procrastinating on these things. but i guess im awake now. 

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I want to find
someone to text good morning,
someone to call to say good night, and
someone to occupy my mind during the hours in between.

I want to feel appreciated.
I want to feel wanted.
I don’t want to be tossed around at his convenience.

I don’t want to feel guilty.
I don’t want to feel selfish.
I want to feel like I am living my own life, but that it’s somehow better that he’s a part of it.

I need my own space.
He needs his independence.
But when I have a migraine from an exhausting day at work-
when he catches an insufferable flu during those cold wintery nights-
I want his kiss to be my tablet of Tylenol,
I want my touch to be his dose of Robitussin.

I want to find someone to compliment me.
I want to find someone to complement me.

I don’t need a happily ever after.
But I do want my once upon a time.

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I haven’t done these outfit things in a while. This if for my mom’s surprise birthday shindig tomorrow. Essiteddddd

I haven’t done these outfit things in a while. This if for my mom’s surprise birthday shindig tomorrow. Essiteddddd

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